The Employment Observatory

 Welcome to the OTIB : The Employment Observatory

According to the Decree 81/2008 of 25th of July, the OTIB is aimed at managing the compilation of social and labour data for further study of all aspects of the local labour market in order to support the elaboration of programmes that encourage job creation and improve quality.

The OTIB has begun a new stage in which, in addition to the objectives set, new values and a new vision look to the year 2020: as to the first ones, the will of transparency, rigor, cooperation and accesibility are to be emphasized; in terms of vision, a broader look to Europe and deeper into each of the islands is meant.

Its name is an example of the look that  wants to be enhanced: more direct, more modern, closer and more identified with responsibility.

As a first step, a calendar of periodical analysis has been defined: every month a Labour Situation Report will be elaborated and every quarter a Quarterly Situation Report; every four months, a report on the labour market's development during the previous months will be presented.A deep research about labour market in the whole Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands will be published annually, another one will be published island by island as well as a statistical yearbook, municipality by municipality. At least three specific analysis on preferred groups from the perspective of employability, including young people under 30, women and non-Community foreigners, will also be elaborated.

At the same time, a more simple, complete and handy web site is being developed to make search and data downloads easier. This web site will include new comparative indicators with the euro zone and statistics about the working conditions , labour relationships, workplace accidents and the application of active policies on education, labour and company social responsibility in the Balearic Islands.

It will also spread market studies that will allow to foresee industry trends and it will expand partnerships with area experts through forums in order to enrich the current and future vision.

Therefore, we want to serve Labor Unions and all Balearic citizenship in those aspects referring to analysis and local market research better and better. We also intend to be an instrument to provide information and education that will be at disposal of those who need it.

We invite you to write to us and sign up to the subsequent reports through our e-mail address: OTIB