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Matrix of intersectorial mobility

Matrix of intersectorial mobility

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The group of economic activity in which a person worked when he/she was employed is compared in one grid to the group of activity in which a new contract is obtained. Its aim is to observe the transitions from one activity to another one and it is based on the monthly exploration of the records of job seekers and recruitment of the SOIB. In order to facilitate the mutual interference between activities (classification CNAE 09) they have been grouped in the following sections:

G00 SOA With no former economic activity
G01 A section Agriculture, stockbreeding, sylviculture and fishing
G02 B to E sections Extractive industry and manufacturers; Suply of electrical energy, gas, steam and air conditioning; Water supply, clean-up, waste management and decontamination
G03 F section Structures
G04 G section Wholesaler and retail trade, engine vehicle and motorcycle repairing
G05 I section Hotel business
G06 H and J sections Transport and storage; Information and communication
G07 K section Financial and insurance activities
G08 L to N sections Estate activities; professional, scientific and technical activities. Administrative activities and other auxiliary activities
G09 O to Q sections Civil service and defense administration; compulsory social security; education; sanitary and social services activities
G10 R to U sections Artistic, recreational and entertainment activities; other activities; activities of households acting as contractors of housekeeping personnel; goods and services producers, extraterritorial organisms and organizations activities