Directive on information and communication of the Fund for the Promotion of Sustainable Tourism

The document Handbook for the Communications of the Fund for the Promotion of Sustainable Tourism details the necessary information and communication measures to comply with the publicity by the beneficiary bodies.

Law 2/2016 of 30 March indicates that once the projects have been approved, they must be subject to the most appropriate legal instruments for each project and the general notice of approval and execution must be provided through a specific website.

As foreseen in the 2017 Annual Plan, the beneficiaries must publish the contribution that the Fund contributes to the projects. This contribution must be made public on the information panels of activities, investments and works. The communications and the publicity measures must be in accordance with the requirements of the Agencia de Turismo de las Islas Baleares (ATB).

Apart from the publication in the BOIB (Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands) and on the specific website of this plan, the administrations and other bodies that can submit projects to the Commission must publish them immediately on their websites.



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