Manner of operation

Commission for the Promotion of Sustainable Tourism

The final decision about which of the project proposals will be excepted, will be taken by the so called Commission for the Promotion of Sustainable Tourism. To ensure a maximum social consensus, this Commission will be composed by representatives of the different local administrations of the four islands, but also employers' associations, trade unionists, environmental protection movements and other representatives of civil society.

To ensure maximum clarity, all the projects financed by the tax revenue will be published on this website. The aim is to provide visitors, touroperators and locals a detailed monitoring of the purpose of the funds raised and of the different initiatives that will be developed thanks to this contribution.

The said Commission has met for the first time on 19 July 2016.

Members of the Comission for Sustainable Tourism

  • Ministry of Innovation, Research and Tourism: Bel Busquets
  • Presidential Office: Pilar Costa
  • Ministry of Finances and Public Administration: Catalina Cladera
  • Ministry of Labour, Trade and Industry: Iago Negueruela
  • Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries: Vicenç Vidal
  • Directorate General for Tourism: Antoni Sansó
  • Directorate General for Budget and Finances: Joan Carrió
  • Union CCOO: Ginés Díez González
  • Union CCOO: Consuelo López Melero
  • Union CCOO: Antonio Soria Hernandez
  • Union UGT: Alejandro Muñoz Texias
  • Union UGT: Antonio Copete González
  • Union UGT: Guadalupe López Monedero
  • Employer's association CAEB: Inmaculada Benito
  • Employer's association CAEB: Juan Jose Riera Ramón
  • Employer's association CAEB: Joan Simonet Pons
  • Employer's association CAEB: Luís Pablo Casals
  • Retail association PIMEB: Maria de los Angeles Marí
  • Retail association PIMEB: Maria Garcia Melsión
  • Federation of Municipalities FELIB: Llorenc Caretero Tuduri
  • Federation of Municipalities FELIB: Vicent Marí Torres
  • Environmental organization GOB: Macià Blázquez Salom
  • Environmental organization GOB: Margalida Ramis M. Sastre
  • Environmental organization Amics de la terra: Alejandra Hemingway Clemenson
  • Balearic University UIB: Jordi Llabrés Bordoy
  • Conservation association ARCA: Josep Masot Tejedor
  • Agricultural Association: Joan Rallo García
  • Island Council Mallorca: Cosme Bonet Bonet
  • Island Council Minorca: Maite Salord Ripoll
  • Island Council Ibiza: Vicente Torres Guasch
  • Consell Formentera: Alejandra Ferrer Kirschbaum
  • Palma City Council: Joana M. Adrover Moyano