Fine with immobilization payment


1. Enter the ATIB website to generate the payment letter.

2. The following fields must be completed:

(23) Importe: The amount of the penalty.

(2) Información adicional: Introduce “BOLETIN:“ and the complete number of the "boletín".

(5) NIF: For foreigners introduce "99999999R". For Spaniards, the corresponding CIF or NIF number.

(6) Apellidos y nombre o razón social: Name and surname or business name of the denounced.

desc_Pantallazo Ingresos 3os paises V2.jpg


3. Click on the text “Finalizar”, which is located in the lower right of the web page.

4. Press “Pagar”

5. Select “Tarjeta Bancaria”

6. Press “Pagar”

7. Complete the electronic payment.