Approved projects financed by the Fund to encourage 2017 sustainable tourism

In 2017, the tax on sustainable tourism generates a total of 64 million Euros. On 16th October 2017, the Commission for the Promotion of Sustainable Tourism selected 62 new projects to be financed with this part of this revenue. Another eight projects had already been approved in 2016 and will receive 15 million Euros of 2017 tax revenue.

40 per cent of the projects meet the annual priority of “acquisition or rehabilitation of natural, historical and cultural heritage; whereas 16 per cent of the choosen projects comply with the purpose of  “diversification of the economic model”. Another 17 per cent of tax revenue are invested into projects related to improvement of natural environment and water cycle.

All projects guarantee both citizens and visitors can benefit from sustainable tourism tax revenue.

All projects at a glance:




Project for the recovery of habitats and of ordering of the public use of the Marine-Terrestrial Natural Park Es Trenc Salobrar de Campos. Government 517.000 €
Recovery of dune systems in areas of environmental relevance of the Balearic Islands Government 398.000 €
Recovery and conditioning of the roads of the Bellver Forest Palma City Hall 407.429,99 €

Management and conservation of natural areas with people at risk of social exclusion

Government 549.400,5 €

The Sierra de Tramuntana for a well-managed and energetically efficient forest environment

Community 355.619 €

Acquisition Finca es Verger (Castell d'Alaró)

CI Mallorca 1.053.370,39 €

Recovery and rehabilitation of the houses of Can Morell in the Son Real estate

Government 16.800 €

Shelter for hikers in the building Ses Porqueres de Galatzó (Calvià)

CI Mallorca 1.410.683,97 €

Impulse of the social economy and circular sustainable management of tourism waste and creation of jobs for people at risk of exclusion

Government 700.000 €

Observatory of public use in the Sierra de Tramuntana

Government 55.000 €

Fund for the recovery of the municipal trails of the Community of the Serra de Tramuntana

Community 1.451.409,52 €

Collectors and terrestrial emissary of the EDAR of Andratx

Government 91.735,5 €

Project to supply drinking water to the Pa de Mallorca

Community 500.000 €

Project to remodel the bed and the environment of Torrent dels Jueus ravine

Mallorca City Hall 2.051.739,91 €

Water conduction Petra-Manacor

Government 515.146,34 €

Extension and improvement of the treatment of the Inca EDAR

Governmen 400.000 €

Rehabilitation and musealization of the Templar Towers

Palma City Hall 798.760,25 €

Creation of the museum of the Puig de Sa Morisca archaeological park

Mallorca City Hall 882.587,08 €

Son Fornés, research and archaeological heritage documentation centre

Government 250.000 €

Signaling of the road map for cyclists in Mallorca

CI Mallorca 370.678 €
Acquisition of finca "Es Canons"

Government 4.746.616,21 €

Project to consolidate part of the walled enclosure of the city of Alcúdia

Mallorca City Hall 442.020,30 €

Sponsor a mill

CI Mallorca 250.000 €

Recovery of the hydraulic system of the finca Galatzó

CI Mallorca 784.838,89 €

Water technology in the Balearic Islands

Government 182.139,74 €

Infrastructure of supporting technology-based entrepreneurs of the #EMPRENBIT program

Government 356.000 €

Smart Park

Government 476.043 €

Integrated FP (Vocational Training) Center in the area of repair and maintenance of boats

Government 1.500.000 €
TOTAL Mallorca  21.115.018,59 €




Acquisition of land for the construction of an interpretation center

Menorca Insular Council

1.614.221,35 €

Project to demolish three chalets and acquisition of two parcels and restitution of the public area Llimpa-Santa Madrona in the scope of the Natural Park of s'Albufera d'Es Grau


258,117.72 €

Project of endowment and reforms of the urban center of Sínia Riera

Menorca Insular Council

393,149.49 €

Electrification well for pumping drinking water on the Biniparratx road

Menorca Insular Council

129,873.76 €

Improvement of the facilities of the south section of Maandor Street

Menorca Insular Council

493,262.91 €

Partial replacement of the drinking water supply network

Menorca Insular Council

182,399.08 €

Denitrification Station

Menorca Insular Council

624,916.80 €

Rehabilitation of the Milà Nou finca for the creation of an interpretation center

Menorca Insular Council

128,010.94 €

Menorca territorio vivo: Menorca Smart Island

Menorca Insular Council

665,239.85 €

Recovery and rehabilitation of the walls (Bastió des Governador and Reial Alcàsser)

Menorca Insular Council

532,632.24 €

Acquisition of the 6 properties that face the cloister of San Diego

Menorca Insular Council

841,266.00 €

TOTAL Menorca  5.863.090,14 €




Project for the protection and recovery of the natural environment of the island of Ibiza and its agro-biodiversity

Ibiza Insular Council

493,186.03 €

Construction of the buffer tank of Jesús

Santa Eulària des Riu City Hall

548,670.61 €

Portmany Bay Coastal Management Project

Sant Josep de Sa Talaia City Hall

831,272.57 €

Rehabilitation infrastructures of the seafront of Ses Figueretes

Ibiza Insular Council

1,816,641.27 €

Balearic Islands Hotel School in Ibiza


1,000,000.00 €

TOTAL Ibiza 4.689.770,48 €




Acquisition of the Sa Senieta farm and peasants’ house Formentera Insular Council 1,000,000.00 €
TOTAL FORMENTERA  1.000.000,00 €




Cooperation and innovation


1,500,000.00 €

Campaign for information and surveillance in spaces of environmental relevance


420,000.00 €

Design and implementation of control strategies Xandlella Fastidiosa


350,000.00 €

Recovery of dune systems in areas of environmental relevance of the Balearic Islands


398,000.00 €

Ecological agriculture


750,000.00 €

Impulse diversification of crops in traditional farms


1,500,000.00 €

Weeds free of invasive and controls of invasive species in humid areas of the Balearic Islands


185,250.00 €

Fire protection measures


100,000.00 €

Gastronomic, cultural and natural heritage, as axes of diversification


1,200,000.00 €

Agrarian landscape


2,000,000.00 €

Submarine atlas cartography Posidonia oceanic of the Balearic Islands


387,410.92 €

Program of marine reserves of the Balearic Islands


570,000.00 €

Project to promote electric mobility


4,598,000.00 €

Call for competitive R + D projects


270,000.00 €

Floor and Health stewards


190,648.00 €

FUTURMED TALENT for the medicine of future


370,000.00 €

Comprehensive labor activation program


1,500,000.00 €

Competitive call for the creation and consolidation of knowledge clusters of the Balearic Islands


160,000.00 €

TOTAL Several Islands 16.449.308,92 €





Creation of the Balearic Islands Research Centre (IRIB)

Balearic Islands

240.000,00 €

Balearic Islands Research Station Network (XEIIB)

Balearic Islands

815.461,00 €

Creation of the professional training centre for nautical employment


1.468.460,00 €

Expansion and remodelling project Waste Water Treatment Plant Porreres


1.331.000,00 €

Project to remodel and improve the Camp de Mar Waste Water Treatment Plant.


1.742.402,00 €

"Maria de la Salut - Petra" piping project


8.873.426,93 €

Historical railway project related to a museum collection Sant Llorenç des Cardassar


500.000,00 €

New headquarters for the Balearic Islands Symphonic Orchestra


400.000,00 €

TOTAL Projectes Pluriennals 

15.570.749,93 €