Tourism statistics

Indicators of tourism demand - Balearic Islands

Monthly and year-to-year data are provided in absolute values and refer to the movement of national and foreign tourists.

The data about overnight stays and average stay in the sections referring to tourist offer (source: INE) and tourist demand (source: IBESTAT and IET) are different because they are the result of different statistical operations. The data on offer are based on surveys filled in by different tourist establishments and those on demand are based on surveys conducted to tourists in the Balearic ports and airports. Moreover, the data on demand also include the overnight stays in non-tourist establishments (owned, friend or family dwelling, among others).

Sources: The Institute for Tourism Studies (IET), the Statistical Institute of the Balearic Islands (IBESTAT) and the Balearic Ministry for Innovation, Research and Tourism, through the Spanish National Tourism Survey (Frontur) for tourist arrivals data; and the Tourism Expenditure Survey (Egatur) for the rest of the data.

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