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20 / June / 2019
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Register of Juridical Entities
The basic right of an association projects its protection from two outlooks: on the one hand about people's right regarding their social life and on the other hand about the capacity of the associations to rule their functioning. The organic law 1/2002, of March 22nd which rules this right, confine the limits of these non-profit-making organizations. Article 5.1 of this law stipulates that these associations must be established by three or more people, of individual or legal entity, lawfully constituted, who agree to contribute with knowledge, means and activities in order to reach achievements which are legal, general, of common or particular interest and endow the statutes which rules the association functioning.

The Spanish Constitution recognizes the right of a foundation for general interests, subjected to the law and giving it the regulation for its activity. Law 50/2002 of Dec. 26th about foundations rules this recognized right and under article 2 defines them as non-profit-making organizations. By wish of the founders, their patrimony is permanently affected in the development of ventures of general interest.

Official colleges
The Magna Carta lays down that the law should rule the peculiarities which are characteristic of the professional associations' legal system, as well as the practice of every graduated professional. And that its internal structure and its functioning must be democratic. Article 11 of the statute of autonomy of the Balearic Islands rules those matters where the autonomous community is in charge for legislative and executive development. Among those, there are the corporations of public right, which represent financial and professional interests. By virtue of this competence law 10/1998 of Dec. 14th regarding professional associations of the Balearic Islands and the rest of the comprised regulations has been approved. Article 2 of above mentioned law defines professional associations as corporations of public rights, with own legal status and total capacity to fulfil their achievements. They must collaborate with the Government and also with the Administration of the Balearic Islands to meet general interests, without affecting duties associated with representing and defending the professional interests of their members.

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